Meet Chloée Catherine

Hello there — my name is Chloée Catherine!

At first glance, I am a white settler disabled queer womxn — but beyond this identity, I am also:

  • An avid traveller;
  • A blogger;
  • An entrepreneur;
  • A graduate student;
  • A Lead Consultant.

One of my greatest passions in life is to generate awareness pertaining to accessibility, disability, and intersectionality by sharing my own triumphs and stories of struggle.

My disability does not define who I am, but I am who I am because of my disability. This realization was not easy to make, and I can finally celebrate myself as a result.

I identify myself as a disabled womxn. My life experiences with Quadriplegia Spastic Cerebral Palsy have allowed me can be quite frustrating — but I do not attribute this to my disability.

In my opinion, my daily struggles arise from barriers inflicted upon me by inaccessible spaces.

I have encountered folx with various journeys, from different part of the world, and one thing remain certain: there is both a need and hunger for more accessibility and disability awareness in today’s society — within all sectors of daily live.

I believe that disabled persons are key to shift societal perceptions towards more accurate representations and help further understanding of accessibility and disability — but they must be given the opportunity to do so.

This platform is one of the few ways that I attempt to contribute to such representations — by sharing the different aspects of my daily life.

My interests lie within the realms of:

  • Accessibility and Disability Awareness;
  • Accessible and Inclusive Travelling;
  • Disabled Entrepreneurship;
  • Intersections Between Disability and Queerness;
  • Personal and Professional Development;
  • Sexuality and Disability Awareness.

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Did you know? I am an Accessibility and Disability Consultant.

Through Chloée Catherine Consulting, I help business owners, corporations, private entities, and the travel industry foster inclusive spaces within their own environments. Visit for more information.